Kylie Jenner, “Self-Made” Billionaire, Is Asking Fans To Donate To A Go Fund Me For Her Make Up Artist’s Brain Surgery After He Was In A Horrific Accident

Last weekend, Samuel Rauda, celebrity makeup artist to stars such as beauty “connoisseur” Kylie Jenner was in an accident that cause a traumatic brain injury and required immediate major brain surgery. One of his close friends shared details on an Instagram story revealing the severity of the accident.

“This weekend @makeupbysamuel went into brain surgery and is still in the hospital on a road towards a very long recovery. An awful accident happened & he flew off a moving vehicle crushing his head into the pavement, suffering from internal bleeding and 8 different injuries to his brain. The surgery went well and now we are all just waiting for when Sam wakes.”

His family started a GoFundMe to help cover the costs of the surgery, which had a goal of $60,000.

“Sam underwent major surgery on Sunday, 3/14/21. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him. I know he is loved by many. Your donations will help cover the cost of his medical expenses and whats to come. Please know that a donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. The Lord bless you abundantly!”

Using her platform to share the page, Kylie Jenner took to her cash machine, Instagram, to post a story asking for donations. She allegedly donated $5,000 out of her own pocket to the page.

People were quick to point out that Kylie is quick to buy her 3 year old daughter $15,000 purses that she probably stuffs Cheerios and gummy worms into, but won’t cough up the measly $60K for a friends medical bills. Now before you say “$60,000?!? that’s an entire years salary for my broke ass!!” mathematicians broke down what a $60K donation is really like for Kylie.

Kylie covering the costs of her friends essential brain surgery would be like you or I skipping *one* Starbucks trip. It’s what she makes in less than 3 milliseconds of a sponsored Flat Tummy Tea post. What is the point of having friends like Kylie Jenner, Olivia Culpo, and BEBE REXHA if they are not going to at least pool together and pay for your brain surgery?????

When Samuel is at full strength and working again, no thanks to his billionaire friends but instead to anti Kylie Twitter, he should not only refuse his services but go straight to Us Weekly for a tell all. Give out every Kardashian secret in the book. Exclusively work with Blacc Chyna. Make Kris Jenner pay for not even suggesting Kylie Cosmetics pay for the surgery as a corporate donation and tax write off.


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