Video: A Sore Winner?


Believe it or not this is not Carter Hart after the Flyers victory last night, but I could see this happening with the way the Flyers have been playing. This is hilarious though, clearly this goalie was fed up with his teammates that he wasn’t the slightest bit happy about winning this game. I wish I knew more about this though, like how bad was his team in front of him that he wanted nothing to do with the post game celebration. Was it just a shooting gallery on him all game and he just stood on his head? Was there no such thing as back checking? Why did the first dude get a punch to the chest? I need answers and I need them now!

This also gives me Ilya Bryzgalov vibes because that dude was a nutcase and he would’ve pulled something like this off. If the Flyers defense continues to be what it is I fully expect Hart or Elliott to have this kind of reaction after a Flyers win.

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