I’m Back

I’m sure the millions if not billions of daily Branded readers have noticed, I have not been doing really anything other than recording Drunk off PNR (Click here to listen to the newest episode). I haven’t been blogging, streaming, anything. For behind the scenes, I haven’t been doing much there either. Which you can argue is probably not the best thing for me or the site.

Basically, I needed a break. Break from social, blogging, just a break from life basically. Quick mental health month off. Now am I perfect and all fixed up in the dome piece? No, not at all. BUT the show must go on. I have been feeling a bit blue lately and pretty uninspired which is why I took the break. I’ve decided to embrace my full Irish self like I have done for years and just compact those emotions, bottle them up and not deal with them.

I have officially decided to crash the Branded VigIt challenge that starts Saturday. I will be leaving no mans land aka New Hampshire and venturing to the scum we know as Philly. My triumphant return WILL be capped off by ripping that $500 from that old mans (CEO Joe) hands.

I’m back.

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