The Only Real Officially, Official #VigItChallenge Preview


This Saturday March 20th, Branded Sports is hosting our #VigItchallenge starting at 12:15. When I tell you this is going to be must watch content, I mean this is going to be MUST WATCH CONTENT. Six bloggers will enter and only one will leave with $500 cash money!

Now there have been two fake previews that have already come out. One from CEO Joe who thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. If you want to read about what’s not going to happen click here. The second preview was from our friend Drew over at The Liberty Line and once again I was projected to finish 6th. I will say Drew had some much better reasonings for me finishing last than Joe but unfortunately Drew is still going to be wrong.

So now, let’s get to the Officially official Only Real #VigItChallenge preview.

DNF- Eddie

While he may come in as a late addition Eddie is going to bring pure entertainment to this stream. I’m not doubting his gambling ability because he has proven in the past he knows what he’s doing. However, no chance he finishes this stream before blacking out. Eddie is going to be pounding drinks calling the olds old and more than likely helping me get into the head of CEO Joe. This ends one of two ways for Eddie, either he blacks out and never actually places a bet or somehow someway he blacks out and wins the $500.

6th Place-James Santore

James is a wildcard here because for all I know he’s a College Basketball guru. I don’t think that’s the case consider the fact that he is bringing along help to make his picks. I think in this case James the only thing James will win on Saturday is having the most girls sliding into his Dms after seeing him on our live stream. Plus he might be a little busy trying to catch the slopes one last time before spring hits.

5th Place-KMess

Kmess is one of my favorite people here at Branded, but we all know he isn’t a college basketball guy. Plus going off a few points made in the other preview blogs, Kmess is going to be making sure nobody does anything stupid in his in-laws house. Add that with the constant flow of Stateside Vodka going into his body on what is going to be considered St.Pattys day weekend no chance he finishes in the top 3. I mean this guy is going to be so hammered he might even forget to bet.

4th Place-Drew Smith

Drew seems great, his preview blog actually made me laugh out loud. I don’t know all that much about him but he talked himself up about him going to a power conference school. He’s already spending the $500 he hasn’t won yet and you know what that says to me…his overconfidence is going to get the best of him. Drew is going to be busy daydreaming about his new wedge while all his name slides down the leaderboard. I’ve never seen Drew golf but I can only imagine he spends more time in the sand than David Hasslehoff.

3rd Place-Aidan Powers

I like Aidan, I respect Aidan he’s the co-host of a great basketball podcast and the fantastic Birds vs Boys. He’s also a fellow ginger I really don’t have anything bad to say about the guy. But, were not here to make friends fellow ginger or not come Saturday all bets are off and I won’t let Aidan stand in the way of $500. He’s a basketball guy so he definitely knows what he’s talking about. But what doesn’t scare me is his betting skills…

2nd Place-CEO Joe

Does that look like the face of someone who is going to be able to handle the pressure of a Ginger beast breathing down his neck all afternoon? Not a fucking chance, I am going to have this dude so rattled on Saturday he’s going to have no clue what hit him. I’ve been playing chess since I’ve joined Branded making everyone think I’m bad at gambling knowing the day would eventually come when the cameras would be rolling and id have my time to shine. Joe fell right into my trap and on Saturday after I take the $500 right out from under him I will be enjoying a Stateside Vodka with a splash of CEO Joe tears.


Why am I going to come out on top of this Saturday’s Branded Sports #VigItChallenge presented by Stateside Vodka? I’m just built different, when the bright lights are on and the moment is big I shine and thats exactly what’s going to happen this Saturday. All the loses I’ve had gambling don’t matter I just have to be great one day and I’ve got bragging rights and $500 that prove I am the best gambler at Branded. “Great moments are born from great opportunity…” I’ve been watching this speech on repeat and if you think any one of these other bloggers has chance of beating me after I’ve listened to the Herb Brooks speech 847 times in a row, well you’re in for a rude awakening.

Make sure you join us this Saturday because regardless of the outcome its going to be a fantastic time and you’re not going to want to miss it.


Featured Image-CNN

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