Official #VigItChallenge Preview @Vig_It

If you haven’t heard the VigIt Challenge is this Saturday, March 20th starting LIVE at 12:15. It is going to be a can’t miss event. We’ll have our IG mastermind behind the scenes making sure everything goes smoothly and he’ll be pumping out the content. If you aren’t aware of how this is going down, here’s a quick video to explain:

Now, the bloggers, including myself, will be covering the first 8 games of the day. Because we want to keep this simple the only things our guys will be betting on via the VigIt app go download today using promo code: BRANDED will be Spread, Total and ML. They don’t have to take each one for each game but they can if they want and they must bet on each game. I thought this would be a great time to give my predictions on who is going to win this whole thing and take home the $500 of cold hard cash!

Here’s how I see it:

In 6th place is Walsh. This is the duh pick of the event. Walsh is a notoriously bad gambler. Now, give credit where credit is due, he’s been hot in the college basketball recently. But I think his lucky is going to catch up with him and he’s going to go like 1-10 Saturday and just be shitfaced.

5th place, James. Another easy one. He’s going to be spending too much time flexing in the mirror or counting everyone’s calories. He won’t be focused. I see him getting disqualified for forgetting to use the app and not placing a single bet. He will finish with an 0-0 record on the day.

4th place, KMess. Kevin isn’t the biggest basketball guy, he’ll be the first one to tell you that. If this was the NCAA football gambling competition, he’d be one of the favorites. Unfortunately it is not. Also Kevin isn’t driving so he’ll be balls deep in Stateside Vodka before the first game hits the half. He’ll win a couple by accident but most likely will be so drunk on espresso martinis that he’ll be placing wagers on games happening on Sunday.

3rd place, Drew Smith. I don’t think he will be the greatest gambler but I also don’t think he’ll be the worst either. He watches a lot of Big12 I assume with WVU. And since they are heavily involved in the tournament he might have himself a strong base.

2nd place Aidan. He is my Katy Perry Dark Horse in this. He’s got a basketball podcast, yes it’s pro but pros come from college 99% of the time. If he makes all his plays before we show up he might be in good shape, if he doesn’t I’ve got something in my back pocket. And that is shit talking. I’ve seen this man playing drinking games, I put his mind in a blender. I plan on doing it again. I’m going to rattle him to his core. Ts and Ps for Mr. Powers.

And obviously 1st place is me. I’m the best gambler at Branded and it’s not even that close. When we did Locks Only (RIP bc Stats just ghosted us out of no where) I was like an 78% winner over the two seasons. I’m going to mop these fools. I produced Big Man on Basketball, I took in so much knowledge from Jeff Nadu that I’m now like the regular man on campus. I’m going undefeated Saturday. I feel bad for the stream watchers because it’s going to be over before the 2 o’clocks even tip off.

So remember join us Saturday at 12:15 for the VigIt Challenge you don’t want to miss anyhting. And download the VigIt app today using promo code BRANDED. Bet with us, drink with us and win with us all day.

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