Deshaun Watson Responds To The Weirdest Instagram Lawsuit Announcement By A Random Verified Texas Lawyer

What are the kids saying nowadays, certain moments give off the same energy? This Instagram post from Houston based lawyer and neighbor of the Texans owner is giving off similar vibes to Kanye’s Twitter sprees or Danny Amendola’s infamous 2018 meltdown about Olivia Culpo making pancakes.

Despite fully reaching the character limit, I have no idea what I’m reading here. What is the lawsuit for? What is anyone saying happened? Feels like those are some important details for a public Instagram announcement. Roger Goodell is going to need way more than “behavior”. Without video evidence this allegation literally does not affect Deshaun Watson’s career at all.

This can only mean one thing, and it smells like some tomfoolery is going down. Free agency started 48 hours ago and Deshaun Watson is still a Houston Texan. This already means that the Texans have not yet received any offers for Watson that would make the Twitter GM’s lay off. The last memorable move the Texans made was trading away debatably the best receiver in the NFL for a pair of Tik Tok leggings. The Texans are on tilt, one more wrong move and they can’t ever come back from being in the laughing stock of the NFL club.

A good old Instagram post vs. Notes app battle. Trust me, I will be the first one to demolish Deshaun Watson if this case turns out to be anything more than a mirage to lower Watson’s trade value. I can guarantee someone is still giving up at least 2 firsts for him though.


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