The Internet Is Trying To Cancel Bill Burr For His Comments During The Grammys

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First and foremost, screw award shows. They are awful all the time. Who cares? The Weekend is boycotting them forever he said because they didn’t nominate him. Who cares? You’re better off without them. They are completely meaningless. We know you’re music slaps and that’s all that matters.

Anyway, to Bill Burr. I guess there was some piano performance during the Grammys and afterward he came out and made these comments.

People, what are we doing here? You’re mad at that? At trying to poke fun at pianos being boring? How much more sensitive can we get? He’s a comedian, these are jokes. I guarantee of that room was packed no one would be talking about this. People are upset because it sounded like the joke didn’t land seeing as there was no one there to laugh.

But it gets better. After that he was presenting an award to a winner and I hope you’re sitting down for this video.

OMG!!!! That’s right Bill Burr didn’t know how to pronounce a name! WHAT!!?!? How dare he? God forbid he has trouble reading a name he’s never seen or heard before this moment. What a dick!

Seriously though, people are mad at that. A name. He missed pronounced a name he’s never heard before and people are outraged. I’ve never seen such a reach attempt to cancel someone in my life.

Remember when the internet was fun. Bring us back to the days of organically finding funny videos on YouTube. Those were the days.

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