Wild Video From A10 Championship As Cameraman Gets Put Into A Choke Hold

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Saw this picture and I actually gasped. Before I read the tweet I thought this security guard was stopping a gunman or at least a guy with a knife. Nope. Not even close.

Turns out this security guard has this student photographer in a half Nelson for what looks, no good reason. The kid is just taking pictures of the celebration and next thing he knows Macho Man Randy Savage (RIP) is choking the life out of him.

Apparently he was let back in when they realized he was a part of the team. Which I feel like should have taken one simple question, not the jaws of life to find out. “Hey kid, you can’t take pictures”

“I’m the team photographer, hence how I got in here in the first place”

“Oh duh, carry on”

That’s how that should have went. Paul Blart went right to, choke first ask questions later. Hope they don’t win the National title or this kid is screwed.

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