Philadelphia Sports Radio Is The Worst

Shit like this pisses me off so much and its a major reason as to why I don’t listen to sports radio in Philadelphia. I saw this tweet yesterday and I couldn’t not say anything about it.

Look its no secret that Carter Hart has had a rough to start to his season it doesn’t take a hockey expert to see that. But the overreaction to his poor play is part of the reason we can never seem to have nice things in Philadelphia. Hart is 22 years old and is the future of the Philadelphia Flyers. Last year without Hart the Flyers have nowhere near the success they did. But to put out a poll if Hart is becoming the another Wentz is just fucking ridiculous.

It’s no secret I am a Wentz supporter and the way the Eagles organization failed him is insane and the main problem with the Eagles is still here and I have little faith in this team going forward. All I hope is that Wentz gets back to his MVP form and shoves it in Howie and Luries faces for years to come. Part of the reason that Wentz is no longer with the Eagles is because of the impact that sports radio in Philadelphia has on fans.

It started when Wentz tore his ACL and Foles came in and won the Super Bowl. After that the debate was started about who the Eagles QB should be and if you don’t think the fan bases was divided your lying to yourself. It kept going even after Foles was gone and it only got worse once they drafted Hurts. Ultimately it led us to where we are now with Hurts as the starter and Wentz in Indy. Philly sports radio always is creating more problems than there really is and I will not let that happen when it comes to Carter Hart.

What bothers me the most is that these stations talk about everything but the Flyers until things are bad. Where was the praise for Hart last year when he was almost single handedly carrying this Flyers team? What about when they were on their 9 game winning streak last year? You don’t hear anything about the Flyers unless they are trying to spark something like this bullshit with the Hart/Wentz comparisson or when they are in the playoffs. There are very few people on Philadelphia sports radio that know hockey or actually even watch the Flyers night in and night out. Carter Hart will be fine and the Flyers will be fine, no real Flyers fans are anywhere close to giving up on Carter Hart and we all know that he will get right and get back to the level we all know he is capable of playing at.

So please I beg of you, do not let the bullshit that these radio shows who only talk about the Eagles try and fill your brain with this nonsesne. If you want actual Flyers content from people that actually know what they are talking about then go listen to Ginger Thread with myself and Kelsey, Flyers Daily with Jason Myrtetus, or Snow The Goalie with Russ Joy and Anthony SanFilippo, thats just to name a few places where you can find some great Flyers content. If podcast aren’t for you then tune to 1490AM to listen to Branded Radio with CEO Joe and Kmess. You’ll be able to hear me talk Flyers on there as well whenever they let me back on the show and I promise you it’ll be much better than anything you’ll hear on the other stations.

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