Guess What I Won’t Be Doing On Tuesday March 16th…..

Let’s make one thing clear, this show will be successful. There are (some how) enough people on the internet that like Rex Chapman’s shtick. Every time he tweets “block or charge” the mountain of sheep retweet and lol the day away.

The guy means well I’m sure, but he is an extremely acquired taste and there isn’t anything wrong with that I guess. He calls himself the ‘King of Twitter.’ No sir. You are a guy that makes corny (bad) jokes on twitter and has a following of a bunch of cornballs that eat it up. It’s pretty much that simple.

I mean look at this tweet:

“Timon and Pumbaa, get it!!!!! Because one is small and the pother is big!!!!! The King of twitter has done it again!!!!”

The worst part about this video is that the guy he jacked it from had a way funnier caption. It wasn’t a home run but better than this non sense. He said “I ain’t never seen no shit like this before.” Once again, not the funniest thing you’ll hear but better than Timon and Pumbaa.

I don’t want to take up too much time talking about Rex Chapman but let me give two more grievances. The first is the picture of Prince. Awful. Use a picture of yourself on twitter. Especially if you are going to be one of these political blow hards on social media. Which brings me to my second point. Just relax Rex and everyone else out there. Twitter is a place for jokes and shit like that. No one wants your facebook level political agenda nonsense junking up our timeline. And that goes for both sides. I’m not saying these because Rex is so hardcore left that he won’t even refer to it as his right hand. He calls them his left hand and his racist pig hand. It goes for both sides. No one wants these dog avatar #MAGA4Lyfe accounts either taking everything way too serious.

So in conclusion. Hard pass. This is going to be the most self absorbed pompous podcast you could ever imagine. But hey, congrats on leading an army of uncreative sheep there Rex.

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