Branded Sports Blogger/Blue Mountain State Mash Up

AJ Torres

So this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, and I’m finally pulling the trigger on it. This is for the male bloggers of Branded Sports. I do not want to offend any female bloggers of branded sports by matching them up with the lovely ladies of BMS.

Also if I don’t include you in the list, it’s not that I don’t like you, it’s because I don’t know you well enough to characterize you.

Let the fun begin….

Keith Walsh- Donnie Schrab

Now to me this was the easiest one to characterize. Both of these fellas are big teddy bears who loves to drink and party. Both are jokesters and rightfully so.

Chavy- Harmon Tedesco

This was another easy match up. Both are Mexican, and quirky. I mean that in the best way possible. These two are both people who will always leave you on your toes. Chavy and Harmon are both one of a kind type of individuals. Don’t ever change Chavy.

Jesse- Thad Castle

If they ever re-casted the role of Thad Castle, I don’t know who else but Jesse could reprise that role to perfection. From the physique, personality, and looks are almost identical. Both are goofy and both know how to get a group of people to “laugh out loud.” Though I never have seen Jesse play sports, I’d imagine he’d be the best athlete of the bunch, exactly like Mr. Thad Castle. Can you imagine Jesse reinacting Thad Castle’s cookie race? I for one think it would be hysterical.

CEO Joe- Coach Daniels

This one was surprisingly hard. I was in between Coach Daniels and Alex Moran for Joe, but in the end I chose Coach Daniels because Daniels does whatever’s necessary for his Billy Goats to be successful and win, yet still has his fun and parties hard. CEO Joe does an amazing job leading and running this company like Coach Daniels does with his team. Both have the whatever is necessary attitude and I love it.

Kmess- Craig Shilo

This one was probably the hardest one I had to do. I ultimately went with Craig Shilo because Kmess is a grinder just like Shilo. Both want to be as successful as possible at whatever cost. Shilo is as straight foward as possible and that’s exactly how I see Kmess.

Eddie- Sammy Cacciatore

Eddie don’t get mad at me for this one lol, but from how much the both of you two drink, I had to name you Sammy. Though Sammy is constantly getting himself into complicated predicaments, he always finds a way out of it. Sammy is as loyal as they come, and everything that Eddie does for Branded, he is as loyal as anyone to this company. Eddie is Sammy in the sense that he’s willing to do anything and everything for the team. Oh let’s not forget, both get abnormally trashed whenever a chance presents itself.

That wraps up the BMS/Branded Sports mash up. Again anyone I didn’t include, I apologize, I just did not want to offend you or do not know ya well enough to characterize you.

No Alex Moran I know, there was a couple bloggers I was going to mash him up with but eventually, there were just better fits.

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