Mets Practice Celebrating Winning The World Series….Wait What?

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These LOOOOOSSSSERSSS!! Imagine taking time out from Spring Training to practice celebrating. This is the biggest pile of nonsense I’ve ever seen.

The Mets finished last season 4th…….in the division. Not in the entire MLB, not the National League as a whole, 4th in just the East. They haven’t been to the playoffs since president Obama. Why in the world would you think you’re on the doorstep of winning it all. You’re the METS!!! You lose every year in ways only we can’t even wrap our heads around.

I know what they are going to spin zone this as, practice it into existence. Sure, whatever. But you can’t tell me half of the players weren’t like, ‘We look like fucking idiots right now.’

“Everyone throw your gloves up and hug!!!! No pretend to kiss your imaginary wife!! Oh and don’t forget to shotgun a pretend Bud light! Let’s get crazy!!!”

It’s so dumb that of course it’s the Mets. And I can’t wait for the fall when they get eliminated from the playoffs or just playoff contention. This is going to get Old Takes Exposed like you can’t believe. And I’ll be the first one to do it. The Mets are just setting themselves up to get dragged on Twitter.

Can’t wait.

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