Daniel Jeremiah Says Eagles Should Take Kyle Pitts, Could Be Best Player in Draft


We are 50 days away from the NFL Draft so the Eagles front office is now in prime position to scout players now, and overthink come draft day. See: Jefferson, Justin.


With the draft rapidly approaching, the Mock Draft brigade is out in full force. A bevy of them are ridiculous and inaccurate, the Eagles are not taking Mac Jones. But, Daniel Jeremiah’s Mock Drafts always stick out and he is one of the best in the business. His mock pick to the Eagles gets a little controversial, and it doesn’t involve another day at the quarterback factory:


Pitts would return home as one of the more unique players in the draft, which would be amplified if the Eagles take him. The Florida tight end would obviously be put into the same position group as the well established Dallas Goesert. But Pitts almost exist as an X receiver instead of a tight end. He was a physical mismatch all year in the SEC, where he had 43 receptions and ZERO drops.

“I’m watching these corners with first, second, third round draft grades in the SEC and they can’t cover the guy,” he said. “To me, it’s a matchup that’s going to be in your favor every time you line up.” – Daniel Jeremiah

People may protest the Pitts pick if it does come to fruition. But why? The Eagles, especially this year, need to get accustomed to using the “best player available” strategy. If someone is Uber-talented, you work on the fit later. Last season, they wanted to draft based on speed. So despite the fact Justin Jefferson was graded higher, they took Jalen Reagor. They also took Davion Taylor in the 3rd Round, based on his speed instead of production/talent.


The problem for bad teams like the Eagles is this: drafting one player over another is like the cartoon where you plug one hole, and the water starts coming out of another. You can draft Pitts to add to your offensive weaponry, but your cornerback group will be weak again, and your linebacker corps will be ignored once more. You can take Alabama cornerback, Patrick Surtain, but then it leaves Jalen Hurts exposed with a lack of firepower we saw both he and Carson Wentz struggle with last year. There’s no right answer to who they should draft, when there is no quick fix.


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