Burger King Tweeting That Women Belong In The Kitchen

Insert the (bold strategy Cotton gif)

It’s a shocking tweet, I saw it and right away thought it was someone trying to pretend to be BK to get some clout but nope. Official BK UK account said “Women belong in the kitchen.” But it looks like there is more to it then just slamming women on international Women’s day.

Now listen, I hate cancel culture just as much as the next guy. So I’m not calling for people’s heads here. This was clearly an attempt at a joke to be like ‘oh you’re made? JK we’re actually the good guys!!!” With that being said, this was a big time flop. In 2021 you can’t do this, just won’t play out the way you thought. Once again, intention was good, make some noise for attention and then push the scholarship. However in today’s world, this simply doesn’t play.

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