Taylor Hall Is As Good As Gone


This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone at this point but with all the talk focused on Jack Eichel, I think a lot of people are forgetting about the player most likely to be moved by the deadline. Taylor Hall.

That’s right, Buffalo brought in Taylor Hall this past offseason to hopefully get Eichel to that next level and so far it’s been a complete failure. $8 million dollars is a lot of money to pay a guy for one year who has only put up one goal so far. It’s not to put all the blame on Taylor Hall and Jack Eichel but Buffalo is bad, like real bad and their top two guys aren’t doing enough to make them better.

Eichel wants out, but moving him during the season will be a challenge and is pretty unlikely. Hall on the other hand is a little bit easier to move and can bring back some decent draft capital to help get the Sabres rebuild going.


TSN released their first edition of their trade bait list and coming in at number five is none other than Taylor Hall. He comes in as the forward most likely to be traded and I’ll be more shocked if he’s not dealt then if he is. Buffalo isn’t making the playoffs this year and nothing has gone well that would give Hall any reason to re-sign with the Sabres. Other than maybe them giving him the most money there’s no reason for Hall to want to be apart of a team that is rebuilding.

I’m not gonna sit here and say I have any inside info because I don’t. But as someone that knows the game and how things like this work, there’s a 99.9% chance that Hall is dealt. He is the perfect example of a big name rental for a Stanley Cup contending team. Teams like Boston, Vegas, St.Louis, and maybe even Toronto could all be interested in Taylor Hall. Honestly pretty much any team that thinks they have a chance to make a run at the Cup this year will probably be calling the Sabres up. The Canadian teams are probably unlikely to try and trade with the American teams due to the mandatory quarantine for people going into Canada. Doesn’t make much sense to trade a lot of assets for a guy that has to sit out for 10-14 days right away.

Again, I don’t have any inside info but if you think Taylor Hall stays on the Sabres the rest of this season you might be a little crazy. I love NHL Trade Deadline season and I can only hope we get a bunch of deals in the next coming weeks. I think it’s unlikely but hey ya never know. It’s safe to say the next few weeks will be interesting, not only for the Buffalo Sabres but for all the NHL teams.

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