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The only thing more chaotic and unpredictable than the NFL offseason or the NBA trade deadline is a random week in February 2021 for Bachelor Nation.

It can be hard to keep up with who is canceled, who said what, and if Clare and Dale are back together. I don’t spend the early hours of every morning on Bachelor Reddit for my own health, so here’s an update on what the actual fuck is happening.

Chris Harrison is DUNZO

This one should be the most obvious and easy to explain. A few weeks ago Chris Harrison was interviewed by iconic Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay and asked his thoughts about the problematic and racist photos that came to light about current Bachelor frontrunner Rachel Kirkconnell. Chris literally could not stop talking himself into his own grave, making excuses and referring multiple times to the “woke police”. Without Bachelor producers there to edit his way out of this one, you can watch for yourself.

Petitions were started to remove Chris as the host of the Bachelor permanently and while no formal decision has been made yet, Emmanuel Acho will be hosting the After the Final Rose special this year. I think it’s fairly safe to say Chris Harrison has forced himself out of his own job and before anyone claims “cancel culture”, Chris is going to be just fine laying on some beach on the Amalfi Coast for the next 3-5 years.

Rachel Lindsay Deactivated Her Instagram

Because it is inherent into the DNA of The Bachelor, people watched that 14 minute video of Chris Harrison defending blatant racism in 2018 more aggressively that the person who was blatantly racist in 2018 and came to the consensus that RACHEL LINDSAY was the problem in this situation. I saw tweets that Rachel, the host of a Bachelor Nation podcast and paid employee of EXTRA, needed to “mind her own business” and “stay out of it”.

I fervently believe that Rachel Lindsay is one of the best casting decisions The Bachelor franchise ever made, whether it was a PR stunt to appear progressive or not. Rachel is the most intelligent, well spoken, strong, badass person that has potentially ever appeared on this show and people defending Chris Harrison bullied her enough that she deactivated her entire Instagram page.

We are at the point that the person who has been accused of exhibiting openly racist behavior as recently as yes, 3 years ago, is having to speak out against bullying the person that is fighting to have tough racial conversations and put herself in front of Bachelor Nation’s rabid chihuahua’s to provoke change in an extremely white centric universe.

Taylor Nolan Is Now #1 On Bachelor Nation’s Most Hated List

From the outskirts of obscurity after her stints on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, Taylor Nolan is most well known for her self proclaimed “emotional intelligence”. Now, we wonder if we should have been on Corrine’s side all along.

Taylor has been extremely vocal on social media about racial injustice, mental health, and most recently ensuring Chris Harrison is indeed fired for his ignorant comments in that Rachel Lindsay interview. It’s a highlight on her Instagram story.

This past week, Rachel Kirkconnell, Chris Harrison, even Demi and Jordan Kimball were overshadowed by a barrage of disgusting and supremely offensive tweets from like 2011-2014. Almost every single person except the thin straight white male was a target of one of these tweets, which you can see compiled here.

The millions and millions of now ironic posts from Taylor started to snowball at a speed that made me question their validity. Did Chris Harrison get an unpaid intern to photoshop these tweets? Certainly no one who knowingly had these tweets out there would be posting things like this:

In a series of public statements that she probably wishes she could take back, Taylor acknowledged she knew the tweets were out there and purposely left them up to show her growth. Bachelor fans saw nothing but excuse making, narcissism, and an excessive use of the terms “do the work” and “unpack”.

Over the course of 2 days Taylor released probably over 90 minutes of video content that was a Chris Harrison level what-not-to-do when publicly apologizing and trying to appear genuine and remorseful. The only logical way to follow this up was a slideshow of notes app statements to apologize for her apology.

Soon enough, every person who has ever appeared on a Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Pad, Listen To Your Heart, Winter Games, and anyone who even attended Jade and Tanner’s wedding felt the need to release a statement on Taylor’s tweets. Bekah, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Olivia, Chris “The Goose” Randone, Mike Johnson, Amanda Stanton, Onyeka, Tammy, Jubilee, Natasha, and her close personal friends like Danielle Maltby and Vanessa Grimaldi all came out to denounce Taylor’s tweets and demand her accountability, presumably after they completed their own social media background checks. Because no one wants to be the next Taylor Nolan.

Clare and Dale Update JK No One Cares


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