In The Least Surprising News, The Worst Take Of All Time Goes To This Kansas City Chiefs Fan

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I rooted for Kansas City in the Super Bowl two years ago. Wanted to see Andy finally win the big one and I was very happy for him. This year I rooted for Tommy Timless and also because Chiefs fans are some of the most insufferable humans on planet earth. It’s a shame really, Patrick Mahomes has the most annoying immediate family to ever get on social media. And the backing of idiots like this dumbass.

Meet Jake aka Jakester_sports. He read this tweet from Adam Schefter and decided to respond in a way that left me flabbergasted.

Hey Jake, why don’t you do us all a favor and shut the fuck up forever. Delete your account and move on. Keep these shitty comments under an instagram post that no one is going to read. But, being that I am a problem solver I made some small tweaks to your tweet to help fit it.

There, just delete 89% of the words in it and poof, it’s fixed.

I mean it, this is one of the dumbest tweets I’ve ever seen in my entire life. ‘I think it was a distraction for Andy Reid.’ Oh do you? That’s a shame it must have been so hard for you seeing your coach be not focused on the game. I can’t imagine what’s worse than that.

Oh wait.

Maybe seeing your child laid up in a bed under a medically induced coma and she clings on to life. I imagine that must have been pretty distracting as well.

And the ‘nothing is confirmed’ thing is such horseshit. There is actually a lot confirmed Jakey boy. Here is a list for your little pea brain:

  • Britt Reid hit another vehicle on the side of the road that stopped to help someone
  • Britt Reid told police he had ‘two or three drinks’
  • And most importantly what is confrimed, this little 5 year old is going to have permeant brain damage

So the whole, ‘let’s wait for the facts’ in this case, nah dude. We’re good. Jake is a classic example of a fan that doesn’t know how to separate the team he loves and a rational thought. You can like a team and hate people associated with it, because they are scumbags.

In my humble opinion, Britt Reid is a complete scumbag. You want to die on the hill for a guy that in 2007 had to serve 5 months in jail for pulling a gun on someone during a road rage incident while being in possession of drugs. And also in THAT SAME YEAR plead guilty to a DUI.

Guy doesn’t get it, some people think they are above the law. Britt Reid is one of those guys and Jake couldn’t love it more.


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