This Is Dan Orlovsky’s Worst Take Of All Time


This is a bold allegation to make for a man whose career is basically an encyclopedia of bad takes but I’ve never been more confident in saying this is Dan Orlovsky’s worst take of all time.

Not even saying this for clicks or an exaggeration, this is just absolutely and utterly not true. Now I understand if you are more of a peanut butter cup or mint chocolate chip kinda guy/gal, but by no means is the statement “chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is awful” factually correct.

I don’t believe in my short time on this planet I have ever encountered someone that would have the audacity to use cookie dough ice cream and awful in the same sentence. In fact, cookie dough ice cream may be the most universally loved creation in human history.

The likes of Skip and Max Kellerman have had their share of embarrassing takes about Tom Brady and LeBron, but nothing comes close to this short Sunday afternoon drive-by by Dan Orlovsky.


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