Wentzville Improves In Indy

What’s up guys! Big D here again. Quick apologizes for the delay in putting out some material, however great things are worth waiting for so let us get right into it! Spoiler alert – this week I will shying away from my typical haterade and instead, will be showing some love. I mean why not? It is Valentine’s Day month, right?
OK. So…Carson Wentz!? Right? Let me start off by making a statement that YOU ARE CRAZY if you are an Eagles fan and think that this was a BAD TRADE. First of all, you gotta have some GOOD in order to have BAD and from where I am sitting, there isn’t much good going on so there is no way that this trade can be bad. Sad but true fellas.

With that being said, the Eagles traded Wentz to the Colts and in return received a 3rd round and a possible 1st round pick for a position that (1) they feel they no longer need, and (2) for a guy that (let’s be honest) has not been effective since Frank Reich left the team.

Now the cap hit IS going to be a bit of an issue but that is not because of Wentz. This team is arguably in the worst cap situation in the league right now. Remember the great Howie Roseman and Doug Peterson? Yeah, hold on, we will get back to them shortly. Oh and BTW Eagles, I will happily play this year for you guys for a mere $500k salary. Call me. Ok back to Wentz.  
Will Carson Wentz be an MVP candidate again? My answer is “Yes” he will be and here are a few factors as to why:
First: The cliché response that almost everyone will be using… “He has something to prove”. In 2017, this man was the favorite to win MVP and had 33 TD passes with just 3 games left to finish the regular season however he unfortunately suffered an injury that prevented him from playing in those final games. Talent does not just disappear. Confidence in your team and confidence in yourself however DOES disappear. This change of scenery to the new squad of the Colts will bring back that lost confidence.  

Wentz was sacked 50 times in just 12 games this past year

Second: The leadership qualities of Wentz will start to shine again. There were messages shared of him already reaching out and texting his new teammates. That energy and excitement is going to be there for the Colts in a way that they have not seen since the Andrew Luck days. Bold statement coming and quote “I guarantee that the Colts will be a force in a bad AFC South with Carson Wentz as the leader of that team”.  
Third, Forth: And then there is the Eagles who have not helped Wentz in any way in the past few years. Horrible draft classes over and over.  

  • · Roseman has not gotten a draft pick right and on top of it has made some highly questionable contract negotiations which have ultimately resulted in the cap hell that the Eagles are dealing with today.  
  • · Agholor couldn’t catch shit a few years ago.  
  • · Alshon and DeSean have barely been on the field.  
  • · Wentz was sacked 50 times in just 12 games this past year (2020 – 2021)
  • · And to top it off, a coach that had absolutely no fucking idea what he was doing half the time.  

Doug Peterson won the Superbowl and forgot everything about coaching immediately the following day. It was almost like the movie Angels in the Endzone. After they won, the Angels packed up and went home. Maybe Frank Reich was the the angel in the Endzone.


Now the Colts are built differently. They have a good coach, an offensive line that actually blocks, good draft picks, smart off-season moves, and a GM that understands what talent IS, where to get that talent, and most importantly what to PAY for that talent.
They can be a little more aggressive in Free Agency and that is something that you are going to see this year. Also BTW, do you know how many times Rivers was sacked last year in just 16 games? Drum Roll…19! That’s right 19! That is only 31 times LESS than Wentz who was sacked 50 in 12 games. No big deal right? You know it really seemed like the Eagles were “Protecting the Franchise Player” to me. Haha BULLSHIT.
A healthy Wentz will not only help the Colts DOMINATE their division, but they will also be an extremely competitive team in the conference as well.
Thanks for reading!
-Big D, Out

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