The Most Iconic Images In Philly Sports History

Stumbling through twitter this morning, I came across this tweet from Barstool Philly.


That got me thinking, what are the most iconic images in Philly Sports history?



Coming in hot with this one, talk about the balls on this guy. I can relate to him, as I’ve had some of my worst moments while I was at least 15 deep down at the sports complex. His worst moment just happened to be live on ESPN while sitting front row, classic. Put this one in the Philly Sports Hall of Fame along with the frosty kid.

Rumour has it Frosty kid was 1st Team Central League Ice Hockey back in the day.


Getting serious now, next up we have this iconic Brian Dawkins image

I was at this game back in 07, and I remember an 8 year old me staring at the replay of this image on the jumbotron just being in awe of the athletic ability of the legend that is Brian Dawkins. 

The curse of William Penn is finally broken thanks to “Lights Out” Lidge. This iconic photo should be a staple in man caves all across the Philadelphia Area.

I don’t care what anyone in the Philly area says, but we have been Sidney Crosby’s bitch for the last 15 years. Aside from 1 measly playoff series win, the Penguins have straight up embarrassed the Flyers for the better part of two decades. That’s what makes this picture great, as it was a massive win at an outdoor game. This goal by Claude Giroux saved Philly from another public embarrassment at the hands of the Pens. Side note, look at Giroux’s face with Crosby in the background, absolute savage image.

Although it was just a normal regular season buzzer beater, this moment symbolized all the pieces finally coming together for the Sixers. The process was rough, and this was the first moment in a long time that  Sixers fans could rejoice in something other than our team getting a higher draft pick. Also, who better than Tj McConnell, a player who embodies the process more than anyone to sink the game winning shot. This moment of TJ leaping through the air in celebration gave undersized white men like myself throughout the Delaware Valley hope.

As our fellow Patriots who visited Capitol Hill a few weeks back like to say “STOP THE COUNT” Kidding aside, man if only the series could have ended after this iconic photo of Iverson stepping over Ty Lue was taken. I mean, this has to be a top ten photo in all of sports history right? I could be wrong on that one, but i feel like it’s always brought up. AI was kind of like a pop culture type of figure in the early 2000’s, so I guess that’s why I think so highly of it. Nonetheless, easily this photo makes the list.

I had to stop watching this game, and leave for a CYO basketball game at the start of the 4th quarter. I will never forget the moment that my dad walked up to me after my game with a beaming smile on his face to inform me that the Eagles came back to beat the Giants. Then, subsequently going home and watching the highlights on SportsCenter. I still can’t believe we won that game, what a moment.

Concrete Charlie standing over a basically dead Frank Gifford will always bring a smile to my face. Side note, yet another image of the Eagles just absolutely bending over the Giants, get fucked New York.


Lastly, I’m just gonna drop a couple images from Super Bowl 52 below, I could post a whole article’s worth of photos from that game, and subsequent celebration, but these are the ones that I felt were worth sharing.

Pound Sand Tommy


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