Pandemic-Inspired Gift Guide For Golf Enthusiasts

We all have that one friend who frequented the golf course to enjoy the fine weather or the season. But after every establishment has closed due to the pandemic, they had no choice but to go on hiatus. If you would like to give your buddy a present and consider the love for golf, here are a few suggested gift items they would surely love.


The Smash Bag


Whether your friend has kept their golfing magic throughout the self-isolation period or they’ve gone stale, this versatile bag doesn’t care. Technologically advanced to withstand hits no matter which golf club it is against, The Smash Bag will remain chill and sturdy for the years to come.


Fill it with clothes, towels, and other things that won’t break before hitting it. This bag will allow the golfer to practice their swings without damaging or hurting their hands and wrists.


A Putting Carpet


You might want to check your friend’s pad before buying this item. Putting carpets are a must-have for busy lads who often miss their weekly golf. If you couldn’t find any, or if your friend told you he plans to get one someday, then this is a good hint that this is a perfect gift at the right time.


The best putting carpets measure up to three meters. It resembles the same texture of the greens in the golf course. This item also has lines and markings a player can use to hone their control and accuracy.


Practice Nets


Ask all pros, and they will tell you that the best way for beginners to practice is through a short game. Still, average golf players and their children who would like to learn can benefit from it. As such, a practice net would make a practical present.


You can go for a chipping net or a tour golf net. Both won’t eat up a lot of space and are perfect in the garage or the backyard. They work with all golf clubs and balls, so there won’t be much of a problem regarding compatibilities.


A Golf Club


If you decide to give a golf club, there are many things to consider. Golfers have different preferences, body types, gameplay, and style. Due to this, it might help to peek at what’s inside your friend’s equipment bag before shopping for clubs. It would also require adequate knowledge, so intensify your research if you want this to be successful.


Golf Simulator


VR golf games are perfect for golfers stuck at home. But if your friends or their kids own a console, it is most likely that they already got one. If you could sneak into their living area and confirm if there is no golf in their library, you can stop this gift search at once and get them a VR golf game.


A golf simulator like the Mevo Plus may be a safer choice. With most golf resorts closed, your friend could only turn to a mini-golf game or a swing practice. However, with this device, they could immerse themselves in an artificial golf world to improve their skills and accurately measure their performance. This home golf simulator is a precise launch monitor that calculates and projects ball-flight.




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