Minnesota United Gained A New Fan


Alright, now first things first I’m not gonna sit here and say I am a huge soccer guy. But as a Philly guy I consider myself a Union fan and have been trying to get more into soccer as of late.

So the other night as per usual I couldn’t sleep so I was scrolling through social media and ended up on Tik Tok. So as I’m scrolling through my for you page I came across this video from the MLS Minnesota United Football Club.

I mean seriously if this doesn’t give you chills I don’t know what will. I had to take to Twitter to find out if this was a regular thing for Minnesota United games. Well, little did I know the actual team would fill me in on this incredible tradition.

I śaw this and I was like oh thats cool they actually responded and acknowledged the Tweet. Little did I know where this was about to head…

The tweet exploded after they tossed me the retweet with fans of the team reaching out to tell me it was a tradition after their wins and some even shared some videos from games they attended. I was honestly blown away with how many people responded and how many interactions the tweet was getting.

Now, after finding out this was a thing I was ALL IN on the Minnesota United. Look the Union will always be my first team but I had to join in and become a fan of the United. Plus they are in the Western Conference so I don’t think it’s a problem to have a second favorite team in the other conference. So I sent out a follow up tweet to the original…

This was met with even more love as their fans were beyond welcoming and as a Philly fan thats not something I’m used to. It sucks to say but I know for a fact that Philly fans would not be as open to having an outsider who already has a favorite team jumping on their bandwagon. So thank you Minnesota United Fans for being so welcoming and I look forward to eventually getting out to see a game live and taking a lot of you up on your offers to grab a beer!

So I don’t know when its going to happen but I do know that one day I will get out to Minnesota and get to a United game. Of course I am most looking forward to getting wasted and singing Wonderwall after a big Loons win! So cheers to you Minnesota United and your fans as I look forward to watching this team in the upcoming MLS season!

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