Not To Get Political, But This Is Just Stupid

This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. Mr. Potato Head is no longer allowed to be referred to as Mr? I assume Mrs. Potato Head is also just ‘Potato Head.’ Is this an SNL skit that the internet is doing? I don’t get it.

This dumb idiot’s tweet: ‘Mr. Potato Head can now marry another Mr. Potato Head.”

Ok, so he is or isn’t a Mr.? I don’t care either way what you want to change but at least stick to the script. You can’t get all excited because we’ve finally got ourselves a gender natural potato and then immediately call him a dude. Follow your own rules.

Secondly, Mr. Potato Head could always have married another Mr. Potato Head. The only thing stopping him was you not buying another Mr. Potato Head and your general lack of creativity. Any toy can be in a same sex marriage if you just get two of the same sex and write up the story lines. Guess what else Mr. Potato Head can also be, he can be a dinosaur, he could be murderer, he could be a social media influencer. He can be anything because he’s a fucking plastic toy potato for children.

Every toy is made to play pretend. Maybe GI Joe wants to get out of the military and open up a bicycle shop in San Diego because he has eczema and the harsh winters during his missions in Russia are doing a number on his skin. Or Barbie decides to divorce Ken because she feels like she settled and turns bisexual, all of a sudden she’s hanging out with Trolls eating mushrooms and listening to the Grateful Dead. Let that bitch live.

The point is this, Mr. Potato Head always could have been anything you wanted him to be. Making him drop the Mr. doesn’t make it more accepting, it’s just some weird PR move to make it seem like you’re helping a group of people that never gave a fuck about a plastic potato with goofy eyes.

PS: Mr. Potato Head better bring protection when banging another Mr. Potato Head. Dude is like hot dog down a hallway.

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