Kyle Lowry To The Sixers? Does He Make The Sixers A Championship Contender?

If you’re a Sixers fan like I am, you’ve heard or read about all the rumors of the Sixers interest in trading for Kyle Lowry. It’s clear as day the Sixers right now simply do not have enough to win the NBA finals. The big questions surrounding a Kyle Lowry trade are one, does Kyle Lowry make the Sixers a championship contender? Secondly, what would the compensation for Lowry look like and would it be worth it?

Kyle Lowry, born in Philadelphia, played college ball at Villanova, has always shown his love for the city of Philadelphia. Playing against the Sixers for years now, Lowry has been a thorn in our sides. He has been a pest for years and is a master at getting calls from the refs. Lowry truly has always been a player you hate to play against, but would absolutely love to have on you team. The question still lies, does he make this Sixers team a championship contender?

The answer is, YES! While the Sixers are still first in the East, they have struggled over the past 5-6 games. Those struggles have been solely due to the lack of ball handlers and the lack of bench scorers this team possesses. Granted Shake Milton has been hurt, the case still remains that they neee to improve their bench. According to Real Gm, the Sixers are 29th in the NBA in bench scoring (31.4 ppg). Come playoff time, that simply won’t cut it. Adding a Kyle Lowry instantly improves your team offensively and defensively. In 84 postseason games with Toronto, Kyle Lowry has averaged 17.1 ppg, 5.8 apg, 4.6 rpg, 35 3P% and 1.4 spg.

Regardless of stats, Lowry brings multiple aspects of the game that the Sixers may be lacking right now. One, the Sixers desperately need another ball handler in the starting line up, and off the bench. With the addition of Kyle Lowry, the Sixers can run Ben Simmons on the wings on the fast break. It also gives you the ability to run pick and roll with Embiid or Simmons with a true ball handler on the court. Secondly, the ability to draw fouls is a MAJOR need come playoff time, and you can’t name me 5 players in the NBA who does a better job of drawing fouls. Last but not least, this gives you the ability to run a small ball line up with Simmons at the 5, and Kyle Lowry on or off ball with a Shake Milton who also has the ability to handle the rock. So many different opportunities with a legitimate ball handler who can shoot and score on the roster.

Now bringing Lowry to the Sixers may not be cheap, but is it worth it? What would it look like?

You ask, why would Toronto want to deal Lowry? The Raptors are 16-0 in their last 16 games that Lowry didn’t play, and 4-0 in their last 4 games. Fred VanVleet has looked like he’s truthfully taken over that Lowry role, and with Lowry being in a contract year, they could be looking to cash out on their long loved vet before he leaves for nothing this offseason.

Using the Trade Nba trade machine I created a trade that works for both ends.

Now before you jump on me and say OMG NO WAY, hear me out. This is a win it all year. Embiid and Tobias are both having career years. Ben Simmons is starting to turn the tables and becoming more assertive and aggressive. Seth Curry is playing at a career best season. Adding a Kyle Lowry would give the locker room and the fan base the message that they’re making a legit run at the title. Giving up Maxey would be tough, because I feel he has a bright future ahead of him, but if you can get Lowry on board to signing a cheap extension off his remaining deal, you have to make the trade. Lowry has made his money, and he is at a point in his career where he wants to win more rings, and to do it in his home town I believe the home town discount would be in play.

Is Lowry is worth this package? It all depends on how you see Lowry as a fit here and how he would impact this finals run. Speaking as an avid Sixers fan, I truly feel Lowry could be the missing link to being a legitimate threat to win the title, so therefore I believe you have to find a way to trade for Lowry and add him to your big three and make it a dynamic four.


Any disagreements or comments you can reach me on my Twitter @ajtorres1230

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