This Blake Griffin Stat Has Broken My Brain

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I’m a stats guy, everyone knows that. So someone in a group chat texted this and my jaw actually dropped when I read it.

Blake Griffin hasn’t dunked a basketball since 2019. How? How in the world is that even possible? The guy was the king of the dunks not too long ago and now he barely jumps. Feel like he’s just so sad that he’s stuck in Detroit that he can’t even do what makes him the happiest. And that is slamming a basketball through a hoop with pure anger.

The Pistons need to get him out of that hell hole of a franchise. #FreeBlake, get him on a team that is a contender. Maybe a team that is currently sitting on top of their conference. Like a team that plays in the city of Philadelphia oh I don’t know.

Bring back this Blake

Featured Image: CBS Sports

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