COVID Kept Pat McAfee From Winning A Super Bowl Ring This Season!


First… If you don’t know who Pat McAfee is, get out from the god damn rock you live under.

Pat McAfee is the most electric athlete this world has ever seen… And, he’s a punter.

Now… He is the most electric sports talk show host this world has ever seen.

He kicked for West Virgina and then became the punter for the Colts.  In what seemed to be the prime of his career Pat said “fuck it.” and walked away from the game.  He then worked for Barstool where is created is post playing career and built a hell of a fanbase and following based around his radio show.

Now he hosts “The Pat McAfee Show” every day 12-3 on SiriusXM Ch. 82 Maddog Sports Radio.  Pat and the boys bring the heat every single day.  Last week Pat even calling in from the fuckin’ beach to join the show after the Carson Wentz trade new dropped!

Today heading into an interview Pat dropped some fire about him, playing football again and the Bucs… Listen for yourself:


I mean, the last thing any of us want is to get COVID… But, DAMN IT PAT.

Just imagine adding Pat McAfee to that Bucs team.  ELECTRIC CITY.

The boat parade was already historic but add a hammered McAfee to an already hammered Gronk and Tom… Priceless.

If the Bucs start going on a run again next season:



And, let Pat do the radio show live from the practice facility each day.

It’s not what the people want.

It’s what the people need.

Make it happen.

Image – Horseshoe Heros


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