Temple University Professor Has BARS

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I can only imagine attending Zoom U has to be the worst ever. The whole point of going to college is, yes getting a good education and all that non sense. But it’s mainly about hanging out with your friends. It’s literally a 4 year vacation. Eliminate the seeing other people part and it’s going to get boring quick.

That is unless this guy is your teacher.

This guy didn’t even need a hype man, he was his own hype man. He hitting every word with a battle rap tone. This guy has 8 mile on DVD without a shadow of a doubt in my mind. And he watches it routinely. Seems like a guy that fast forwards through the sex scene which I can respect. He is a man of taste. He’s not here for that nasty love stuff. He wants to watch B-Rabbit rip people apart, lyric by lyric.

All joking aside though, tip your cap to this guy. He’s one of these teachers that clearly loves teaching and is doing whatever he can to get his students interested. I can’t imagine how hard it is to get people to learn about things they don’t care about. Doing God’s work.

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