Imagine Attempting To Clown Ben Simmons After Scoring Career High 42 Points

AJ Torres

So, let me start out by saying I have not been Ben Simmons’ biggest stan, and I’ll never allow myself to because I feel like I’d be hopping BACK on the bandwagon I once was on. That being said, I’m not moronic enough to say that the past 5-6 games, Ben Simmons hasn’t found a new gear towards his game.

Over the past 5 games, Ben Simmons is averaging 22.6 ppg, 9 rpg, and 9.6 apg and 79% from the line, which are all highs over a 5 game stretch.

It’s clear to say Simmons has looked deep down at himself and realized that he is at his best when he is aggressive and attacking the basket.

Though 99.9% of the population understands this concept, there’s a bonehead who works for Barstool Sports who does not. Even after a dominant 42 point game and career high from Ben Simmons, she tweeted a video attempting to clown Ben Simmons, and lets say it was a terrible decision. She’s been getting CLOWNED from all angles on Twitter, and even me who has been at times an avid “Ben’s gotta go” guy, I couldn’t fathom what I was hearing. Watch this bozo try to clown Ben Simmons Below.

This is the same chick who listed about 20 guards she’d rather have than Ben Simmons

You can not make this shit up, WHAT A NERD!!!

Ben Simmons sister was not a fan of Krick’s take either.

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