@Ochochino Reps La Salle; Still Refuses to Honor His Challenge in FIFA – @JamesSantore

It was brought to my attention that one of football’s greatest Wide Receivers of all-time, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, has donned the blue and gold in a picture posted on his Twitter. I would like to share my thoughts:

  1. That sweatshirt is fresh and I will most definitely be making a Save La Salle Baseball version
  2. Ocho lives the best life ever. There’s no arguing that. FIFA, Cigars, good food, and just doing whatever the hell he wants whenever he wants.
  3. Chad once ducked me after HE challenged me to a game of FIFA.

This begs the question: Is Ochocinco scared of me? I mean, the guy also ducked me in a lift competition. Really makes you wonder if even though he seems to be the coolest dude ever, he’s scared of a short Italian kid from Philly.

So Chad, I think you have to prove yourself. I challenge you to a competition of sorts to help us raise money to save the La Salle Baseball program. Let’s set up a FIFA tourney with some of our players and some of your buddies. I guarantee my boys can crush you and yours. And if you want to accept the challenge for the lift-off between you and me? Still down.

Dm’s are wide open Ocho (@JamesSantore). Thanks for repping La Salle. Go Explorers.

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