Howard Eskin With Maybe A Racist Tweet? I Can’t Tell

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So Howard Eskin sucks, we all know that, that isn’t breaking news anywhere. He is like Philly’s littler version of Skip Bayless except he might somehow be worse. One other thing everyone knows about Howard is he is awful at twitter. I mean real bad. He definitely does next to no proof reading. And it always seems to bite him in the ass.

Well, this tweet about Charles Barkley might be the weirdest thing I’ve ever read on Twitter. And that is saying a lot.

A lot to unpack here. First off, Charles is talking about the Silhouette challenge which I’m just now learning about. Apparently people use a filter and get naked in front of it but you can’t see anything but their silhouette. So Chuck is clearly making a joke here. So Eskin sees this and decides he wants to make a little ha-ha himself. So he thinks, “what would be funny? I could call him fat which always plays, no wait. I’ll say he’s got a little dick. But how do you creatively say he’s got a baby dick? Can’t just say it….oh I know, I’ll say he’s got a little white dude weiner. Yeah that’s it!!”

So now the question is, is it racist to say that we’d know he isn’t a ‘brother?’ I really can’t tell. It’s 100000% stereotyping to say black guys have hogs but is it racist? I can’t be completely sure but it just feels racist. And if something feels racist, it most likely is. Brother just doesn’t play coming from an old crusty white guy. And it most certainly doesn’t play when you’re insinuating that the guy has a hanging chad between his legs. No matter what the ruling is, this is just an insanely awful tweet. Aka, just another day for Howard ‘twitter fingers’ Eskin.

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