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We’ve got a little ways to go before we get to the trade deadline but it is never too early to get an idea of some moves that could be made. The Flyers are far from perfect this season and there are definitely a few areas where they can improve. The issues this team has had so far isn’t something they will be able to fix in house either unless Matt Niskanen decides he’s had enough of the retirement life. While that may be unlikely we can never say never but the Flyers do need to start looking elsewhere to fill some needs on this team. So, lets take a look at some of the guys Chuck Fletcher could be looking at as we get closer to the trade deadline…

Vince Dunn

Dunn is an interesting name who has been popping up in trade rumors recently. The 24 year old defenseman from the St.Louis Blues would be a great addition for the Flyers. He would be able to step in immediately and would help with the two major issues the Flyers have. First his defensive game is solid and I would trust him a whole lot more than I would trust Gustafsson or Hagg. He is the type of guy that could settle things down in their own end and help create cleaner breakouts. The other part where he could help would be his physical play, it’s no secret the Flyers don’t have a lot of guys that can really throw their weight around. Bringing in Dunn who is 6’0 203LBS would be a nice addition and would definitely be a guy who could wear down the oppositions forwards. He has also had plenty of experience in the Playoffs and contributing in big moments. The one issue the Flyers would run into with trying to acquire him would be the price they would have to pay. Would he be worth it? I think so but the Blues aren’t going to give him away for cheap and their price could be too high for the Flyers.

Keith Yandle

SOOOOONNNNNKKKKKK! The marriage between the Florida Panthers and Keith Yandle is more than likely coming to an end sooner rather than later. The veteran defenseman has pretty much already been told he isn’t in the future plans for the Panthers and they will definitely be listening to offers for him. The Philadelphia Flyers could be a nice fit for Yandle for a few reasons. First, he would be a great replacement for Matt Niskanen as he would be the veteran presence this defensive core needs. He has plenty of offensive ability with a great shot from the point that would help generate plenty of chances for the Flyer forwards. Yandle also has a great relationship with Flyers forward Kevin Hayes and he would instantly be able to step in and have chemistry with him. Plus I can only imagine how loose the Flyers locker room would be with those two in it. The toughest part with making a deal for Yandle would be not overpaying for what would be a rental as well as how they would make his cap hit fit. Florida would probably have to retain some salary in order for it to work and that could end up costing the Flyers more than they would be willing to give up.

Bobby Ryan

Alright hear me out on this one as this is probably super unlikely but Bobby Ryan could be a solid addition to this Flyers team. He is off to a decent start for the Red Wings this season and he is a veteran on a cheap contract that could be a decent rental for a playoff run. When I look at the Flyers forward group I don’t really see a huge need other than a little more of a physical presence. I’m not gonna sit here and say that Bobby Ryan is going to come in and be that enforcer type guy but he could step in and be that veteran up front that could wear a team down throughout the game as well as provide some goal scoring ability. It wouldn’t take all that much to get Ryan from the Red Wings either as they are in a full rebuild mode and would just be looking to get a draft pick or two which I’m totally okay with giving up if I’m the Flyers.

Johnny Gaudreau

This one is a bit of a reach but at the same time it would make sense. Ever since he was drafted there have been rumors of Johnny Hockey playing for the Flyers whether it be when he is a free agent or via trade. Gaudreau has one year left on his current deal and things have been rocky in Calgary. This season also hasn’t gotten off to the best start for the Flames as they currently sit on the outside looking in of the playoff picture. The trade deadline may be an unrealistic time for the Gaudreau trade especially is Calgary is still in the playoff hunt. Don’t be shocked though if come the NHL draft the Flyers are calling up the Flames to see what it’s going to take to get him.

Matt Niskanen

Yes, I know he is retired and more than likely he is staying retired. But for the love of god the way the defense has played so far this year he would be the best addition we could make. If I am Chuck Fletcher I am calling him everyday to see if there’s any chance he would come back. Send him flowers take him out to a nice steak dinner really just butter him up and do whatever he wants to talk him out of retirement. We wouldn’t have to trade anyone or anything like that all we would have to do is just swap someone out of the lineup and there are two guys who I would gladly take out in a heartbeat(Gus and Braun). So Chuck I am begging you for the love of god pickup the phone, actually no drive to his house and kidnap him and get him back on the ice for us.

While I would love for the Flyers to make some sort of move come deadline time I’m not really sure they are going to be able to with the current cap situation. Hopefully Fletcher can add some pieces like he did at last years deadline because we need some toughness in the lineup and could definitely use some help on the backend.

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