The Colts Trade Offer For Wentz Is Laughable


Round and round we go on the Carson Wentz trade rumor carousel. It sounds like most of all the talking is pointing to two teams, the Bears and the Colts. What is being offered is still very unclear but the latest ‘report’ has the Colts tossing this junk out there.

Two 2’s and maybe a 3rd or 4th. Maaaaaaaayyybe??? No sir. Carson isn’t leaving town for that junk. The Lions got Jared Goff, two first-round picks and a third-round pick for Matthew Stafford. And listen, I get it. Stafford has a better career track record. I’m alright with that but let’s not act like Stafford has this winning tradition his bringing with him. In fact, Wentz and Stafford have the same amount of playoff wins. And Wentz has many more years in front of him.

For a deal to get done for Wentz it should take either two firsts or a first and 2 twos. But no first, no deal, IMHO. Carson has showed he has MVP talent, he needs a new environment. I wish the Eagles would try and right the ship but it sounds like that ship has completely sailed at this point. The Eagles better not get fleeced in the process of moving on.

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