Eagles Trading For Former MVP?


Rumors have been swirling for weeks about the possibility of Carson Wentz being traded. I want this on the record that I’m a Carson Wentz guy. Our organization has failed him and while he didn’t have a great year it’s not all on him. I think trading Wentz is a huge mistake and it will be something that will haunt the Eagles for years to come if a deal is made. But could the Eagles QB bring us back a former MVP?

One of the front runners for Wentz is the Chicago Bears. The Chicago Bears happen to have a guy who we are all familiar with in former Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles…but that’s not who we’re talking about here. The Former MVP the Eagles could trade for is…….


MITCH TRUBISKY!!! I’m gonna stop you before you say Mitch never won an MVP award. You’re wrong because he did it a little over a month ago. During the Bears playoff game against the Saints in which the Bears lost. Mitch Trubisky was voted as the Nickelodeon MVP also known as the NVP.


Obviously it was an award voted on by the kids and fans since it was a game broadcasted on Nick along with the regular broadcast. But all I’m saying is Mitch did something right to win over the audience even if it was a bunch of 8-12 year olds.

So here’s my trade offer for the Bears…Wentz for Trubisky straight up. Who says no?

Okay in all seriousness though there is nothing the Eagles are going to get in return that is worth Carson Wentz. They are better off trying to trade Hurts for a 2nd round pick and trying to build around Wentz. If you give the guy actual weapons and now with a new head coach and he still sucks then move on. But as of now I’m not ready to give up on a guy who single handedly lead a team of replacements to the playoffs just two years ago and who was also the front runner for MVP before his ACL injury.

If you didn’t like this article well then you’re obviously a great time at parties. If you did enjoy it just know I appreciate you.

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