College Football Is Back, Saturday. Here’s Who’s In And Who’s Out

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That’s not a mistake, that is a true blue headline. College football is officially back this Saturday. LFG!!!!

With all the excitement of this season people forgot that FCS football punted (I couldn’t help myself) their season to spring ball. And the time has come to get playing. Saturday night, 7:30 pm, we’ve got McNeese State vs Tarleton State University. Not exactly your, Bama vs Clemson but beggars can’t be choosers. Last I looked I still can’t get a line on this game which is all that really matters.

I’m not going to be watching FCS football to see who the best is or find a champion or any of that nonsense. I’m strictly looking for some college football is gamble on. So no line for this games scares me a bit, maybe the books won’t be putting lines for these? Or maybe it’s the fact that Tarleton State is some no name school in the middle of Texas. I’m hopefully for the latter.

But if you are just interested in watching football and want to know who is playing, I got you covered:

There is also going to still be a 16 team tournament so that is going to be amazing. It will take place most likely early May. I’m announcing this now so I don’t sound like a front runner, I’m riding with the JMU Dukes. My wife went there, I’ve been hammered there. Great school. If you pick North Dakota State you’re an asshole.

Go Dukes!

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