Budweiser Releases Sixers Vintage Cans And They Are Sweet

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So I guess we’re on to Bud Heavies now? If you would have asked me just yesterday, “hey Joe, what would it take for you to drink a Budweiser?” I would have told you an act of God. Bud Heavy is awful, everyone knows that buuuuuuuuuuttttt, you slap a vintage Sixers logo on a can and I’m going to be 15 deep before Embiid gets his first bucket.

They even tossed in a ‘This Jawn right here’ for pandering purposes and honestly, I kind of like it. They are apparently here for a limited time so go grab some and if you need to pour out the Bud and pour your favorite brew in there, go for it. It’s all about the look anyway.

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