This Is The Greatest Stripper Performance You’ll Ever See

Holy shit. Strip clubs are overrated, I think everyone can kind of agree with that. You go, you watch, you spend way too much money, you go home feeling weird. Better ways to spend that cash. But if you are going to a strip club that has girls trying out for American Ninja Warrior, I take it all back. First off, I wish I had anything in my life that was as supportive as those screws. The pole looked like it was going to give way at any moment. And that’s not saying she’s a big girl, she’s not. She’s fit af. Girl has like an 8 pack here.

Just the force in which she was dropping it and flipping around was something you’d need a bar made of some type of indestructible material to support.

Imagine the poor girl that has to follow this. No thank you. First off everyone is going to be out of ones after this, she’ll miss out because everyone will be in line at the ATM again. But also, what could you possibly do to live up to that? Nothing. Unless you shoot fire balls out your ass or bring back Tupac, you’ve got nothing. This is an all time performance. This is the equivalent of the Wilt Chamberlain 100 point game. Put her in the hall.

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