Did The Pat McAfee Show Unknowingly Break The News On Carson Wentz?

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As the entire Twitter world has noticed Carson Wentz has been the hot topic over the past several months but in recent weeks there have been non stop trade rumor after trade rumor. Well today on the McAfee show, one of his producers may have slipped up and confirmed that Carson Wentz has indeed been traded.

Listen below to hear

My wife tells me I have terrible hearing, which is actually a case of selective hearing but I believe he says, “Carson Wentz is pretty much a done deal”. I don’t know how reliable this guy is, but there has been a lot of talk today that this thing could all unravel with in the next day or so.

Lets buckle up and get ready for this ride.


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February 9, 2021 2:42 pm

This is ridiculous. Do research. Listen to the context. Diggs is just being sarcastic after an interview with Buckner

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