Someone NEEDS To Stop Kate Beckinsale

We all know Kate Beckinsale. Actress, British, absolute rocketship, just to name a few accolades. She has gone too far. She bought some good will slumming it with MGK but I’m sick of her. I don’t follow her on Instagram. I was watching some stories the other day, as one with nothing better to do does and someone I follow posted Kates post as a story. Which is weird but ignore that. This is what Kate was posting on IG… Brace yourselves.

What are we doing Kate. Can someone save that damn cat please. This cat is under emotional abuse. Maybe even physical, that dress is TOO DAMN TIGHT. Naturally I started doing some snooping, a bit of investigative journalism you might say. What I found was horrifying.

The evidence just does. not. stop. Admittedly the cat was probably cool with that last one…

I think we can all agree to put politics aside for this one. Anyone puts clothes or a costume on a dog, okay we get it. Weird and I don’t like it but fine. But a cat? I know I have a cat, still not a cat guy, this has nothing to do with that. There is no bias here. I wouldn’t put clothes on my moms bulldog either! Putting clothes on a cat is next level and frankly, I won’t stand for it!


Good for you Pete. Good for you, man.

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