Deshaun Watson Isn’t Going To Play Football Next Year

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It sounds like a wildly hot take but I am willing to die on this hill. I personally don’t think Deshaun will play football next year, at all. Not in Houston or any other NFL team. That is how broken this situation has become.

According to the latest from B/R: “New Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio has reportedly made it clear to interested teams that Deshaun Watson is not available despite the quarterback’s trade request.

Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported Sunday the Texans are “very firm” in their stance of keeping Watson, and some front-office sources said their inquiries about the three-time Pro Bowl selection didn’t even receive a response.

“The goal is to get him back, period,” a source told the NFL Network.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter also reported Sunday the Texans’ “position will not change” as they have zero interest in trading Watson.”

Think about it, this has gotten so out of hand that Deshaun has openly asked to be moved and the GM is basically saying, tough shit. That is a recipe for an absolute disaster. There is no way this ends well. So let’s play the scenario game. Let’s say Texans stick to their guns and say we’re not trading Deshaun Watson, no matter what. They stay hell bent on keeping him in a Houston uniform. It would be a wildly disrespectful slap in the face to Watson. The guy basically was hung out to dry the last two years. The front office then went on to trade away some of the best talent around him.

You think for a second that if they tell Watson you’re staying in Houston, get use to it, he isn’t going to push back? No shot he is going suit up for them. Why would he? Just so he doesn’t get fined? If Watson decided to hold out all of next season his contract would basically freeze. That would basically force the Texans hand at that point. Yes they could try and call his bluff and force him to retire but can’t imagine it would get that far. Reason being is that if he refused to play for them and held out, eventually they would have to find another quarterback. Those things don’t come cheap. Imagine a scenario where they go and sign, trade for or draft a quarterback. Those things aren’t cheap. If Watson really wanted to be spiteful, right after they sign someone else he comes ‘back’ and now they are in a cap hit hell situation.

June 1st is the big date. If they move Watson after that they will be able to spread the $21.5 million cap hit over two seasons. If they are going to move him, they will almost certainly wait until then. So only time will tell but, don’t be surprised if Watson is watching next season the same way you and I will be. Sitting on the couch.

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