An All Time Bad Night For The Mahomes Family

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It certainly wasn’t a great night for Patrick Mahomes, losing to the Tom Brady led Buccaneers in a blowout throwing no TDs and 2 picks. Alas, Patrick still had the most impressive performance of anyone else in the Mahomes family on Super Bowl Sunday.

The most visible member of the Mahomes squad despite his brother being in every commercial possible, Jackson Mahomes started his day hopping on the PJ sneaking in a few more rehearsals of the same 3-4 Tik Tok dances he uploads every day.

Then he dueted Tom Brady’s T Mobile commercial while acting out random words, shared a paid ad for Raising Cane’s and then went silent as his brother lost The Weeknd contest.

The most audible member of the Mahomes squad, Brittany almost Mahomes spent the first quarter of the game causing permanent damage to my ear dreams, as usual.

However soon enough, ESPN swooped in with a vicious attack on her precious Pat that had Brittany breaking out a 3rd emoji in disgust. How dare anyone remove both their upper and lower lip from Patrick Mahomes’ dick for even one second?

Just 11 minutes earlier…

It’s probably best to stay out of Brittany’s war path when things aren’t going well for the Chiefs. Next she turned her attention to the *first female ref in Super Bowl history* and blamed the officiating.

And just a day prior whining about the fact that people say her almost husband has potential to be the greatest of all time?

But the worst performance of all came from Mama Mahomes, Mrs. Tootgail, Trump 2020, Don’t Call My Son Pat.

First of all you better have some boulder sized balls coming at Gisele like that, tagging her in the post directly. Gisele has the type of powers that can curse you and everyone you have ever met for the rest of your lives. I don’t know what happened that led up to Gisele catching some stray bullets from Mrs. Mahomes but now she at least knows what it’s like when your husband cannot actually throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. You’d think they’d have something to talk about.

And if the Mahomes family doesn’t like what ESPN is tweeting about Patrick Mahomes, just wait until they find out what they’ve done to Tom Brady.

This will go down in history as one of the all time worst days for the collective Mahomes family. Not one of them had a good night. To be fair Patrick has been carrying the weight of the family for years. Jackson is going to have to churn out some more quality Tik Tok’s if he wants to bring the Mahomes family on top again.


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Medalists Nibbor
Medalists Nibbor
October 16, 2021 12:23 am

I tried to be fair. But Wow, Jackson, Wow Brittany. Middle fingers, shut up, . I am feeling high school. Brittany acts 16 years old. Cheerleader, She is pretty, smart and a new mother. Jackson acts like a teenager. Some PR training is needed. The chiefs were almost 1-4. They need to be stopped. Patrick should never have a press conference about his brother and wife.

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