Am I The Greatest GeoGuessr Player In The World?

Quick backstory, I started streaming on Twitch again (You can follow me here) I figured I got affiliate back in 2017 I might as well try and get some use out of it. I than watched a Ludwig stream and a video where Alpha Gaming reacted to this segment of Ludwigs stream. The segment was geared toward growing your stream on Twitch like how to get more viewers etc. you get the idea. The main takeaway was pretty simple but my big dumb brain never put it together. You grow your Twitch (and for me grow myself/Branded) by growing elsewhere. Basically, it is nearly impossible nowadays to grow by strictly hitting the start streaming button. Twitch has no algorithm to grow small creators but YouTube does. You can go viral on YouTube with 10 subscribers. There was a lot of great insight from Ludwigs segment that doesn’t really matter here but I thought about it and he is 100% right.

Knowing I wanted, nay, needed to make a YouTube video and maybe a TikTok or two out of segments from my stream I got to work. The results… I became the greatest GeoGuessr player on earth. Now when you look up geography in the dictionary you get a picture of me and only me.

I’m planning on keeping at it, I have another GeoGuessr video in the works and a Chess video I’ve already edited waiting to be put out. This is more or less an experiment. Listen, if I’m going to blog and stream anyway might as well take the extra step and make some rewatchable videos out of it right?

Side note, I am still editing the Japanese candy video that was supposed to come out in January. I might have to break it into two or three parts. It is much longer than I wanted it to be so it is taking some time but it will be released soon!

If you watched the video hit the thumbs up for me, consider subscribing and maybe throw a comment out there. It won’t kill you I promise.

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