ICYMI: Terrell Owens Killed A Guy Overnight.


I woke up this morning and I did what I normally do first thing..

Drink coffee? Say good morning to my wife? Pee?

Nope.. Check Twitter of course.

I am scrolling through and there it is. One of the most hilarious, outrageous and also most accurate tweets of all time.

I mean I think the puke emoji did it for me.

If anyone can talk shit after that game and about the Eagles field puking QB… It’s T.O. Dude had one of the best Super Bowl performances in history…

…On basically one leg.

Then of course Freddie came back with the classic:

And Hollis Thomas:

But this guy is right…

Nope. It’s never gonna end and I’m here for it.



Feature Image – Philly Inquirier

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