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Whats up guys? Big D here again no hate this time. I just want to send out a congratulations to the Hall of Fame Class of 2021. In this class we were lucky enough to have some of the guys get voted on the first ballot. And if you are old enough or watched the game as intently as I have you knew this day would come soon enough. If you were not, go put some of these names in YouTube and enjoy! I will not go over every player but the few that made an impact on my love for the game. I have been to Canton, Ohio one time to watch this ceremony and I suggest any fan go at least once. WR is my favorite position on the field so we will start there.


Calvin “Megatron” Johnson

I didn’t think this would be a lock because the HOF committee doesn’t love the WRs as much as some other positions. God this dude was on the Lions we all know how good the Lions have been pretty much forever..  The answer is not good most seasons and some were just BAD. Megatron still was great enough to be a first ballot vote. Dominated the NFL leading in almost every receiving stat during his career. Megatron was a pleasure to watch, the dream WR. Built like a skyscraper and still had the speed and quickness along with that durability, he only missed 9 games in 9 years.
Redzone = Touchdown.
Career stats
731 Receptions
11619 Receiving Yards
83 Tds


Peyton “The sheriff” Manning

Peyton Manning might have been one of the players that taught me the game is so much more preparation and mental than just physical skill. I’m not sure there was a play called in the huddle that Peyton didn’t change at least one thing at the line. Now don’t get me wrong Peyton can still throw a ball but the pre-snap game was unbelievable to watch. If there was not some man named Brady in the AFC he would probably have a few more rings. Not that this is football related but he also has a great personality and the commercials helped him showcase that. The committee didn’t even vote on this Manning was a lock since the day he retired.
Career stats
71940 Passing Yards
539 TDs
96.5 QBR


Charles Woodson

Now I’m going to admit Charles Woodson feels like he played for 100 years. It feels like he played since before I started watching football but he was actually drafted in the same year as Peyton. Maybe it’s because he played defense and most CBs don’t last nearly as long. Woodson was the man at CB and Safety.  When he lost a step he adapted and became a more cerebral player and arguably was more impactful as a Safety than a Corner. He was the Peyton of the defense. Throw the ball in Woodsons area it was pretty much incomplete or a pick. We all know about the “Tuck Rule” AFC championship game that probably robbed him of another Superbowl ring. Shutdown is not a stat but in this case it should be. Woodson has also done a great job after football and has done a great job on TV.
Career stats
65 Interceptions
895 Tackles
28 Fumbles Forced


John Lynch

This is in here for two reasons, one he’s the current General Manager of 49ers and two my little brother Joey (a real Bucs fan). Lynch was one of those players that didn’t care about his body, if you caught the ball near him you were going to feel like a train hit you. If hits were a stat he would be high on the list. I remember the superbowl against the Raiders and hearing him call out every single play. It really was impressive because the offense had no chance. Lynch also is more than just a football player, he is smart enough to know the back office side of football and so far as done a pretty damn good job with turning my 49ers around. Hopefully his success will continue and we will be healthy and back on top next year.
Career stats
26 Interceptions
727 Tackles
16 Fumbles Forced

These players had a huge impact on me over the last 20 plus years and I would like to say thank you for the dedication to the game. You have EARNED your right to become as great as you have. Watching these generational type players as been nothing less than a pleasure.

With that being said there are a few other players/coaches/executives that also were inducted this year. These players did not have as much of an impact on me personally but easily have earned the right to be inducted in the Hall of Fame.
Drew Pearson
Alan Faneca
Bill Nunn
Tom Flores

Congratulations to all of you and I hope I will be able to get to Canton again soon. Like always thank you for reading I appreciate all of you.

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