Top 5 Trade Destinations For Carson Wentz

We are on the cusp of what has seemed inevitable for quite some time but gained steam in recent days: Carson Wentz is getting traded by the Philadelphia Eagles. The reports  from insiders have been a deep abyss of nothingness as to how far along trade talks are. Adam Schefter said today all that’s left to figure out is the “where, when and for what”. So, everything. What does seem to be unanimous though is the belief Carson Wentz has played his last down of football as a Philadelphia Eagle.


Here are the five destinations that make the most sense for Wentz:


5) Las Vegas Raiders 

Before Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden were in their current roles with the Raiders, they were analysts. And during that time, they both RAVED about their infatuation with Carson Wentz. In the offseason after Wentz’s ACL tear, Mayock said the Eagles shouldn’t rush Wentz back because “this kid could become the best player in the NFL, so it doesn’t matter if he is ready week one or not”. (Narrator: they rushed him back). The Raiders also don’t seem to be entirely sold on Derek Carr. They met with Tom Brady’s agent last offseason, and after the meeting they had the belief they were going to land the former Patriot. Carr’s contract isn’t terrible, $19 million guaranteed this year and only two years left. Give Gruden his choice of the two and he is choosing Carson.


4) Carolina Panthers 

This is one that is flying under the radar but Inside the Birds reported that the Panthers are in on this and they are monitoring the Eagles situation. Carolina had also called the Lions on Matt Stafford before he was dealt to the Rams. They have such a great core of young talent, Christian McCaffery will be back healthy this year, and we have first hand experience here in Philly as to how great a coach Matt Rhule is. Their obstacle is the contract they gave Teddy Bridgewater. For some reason they guaranteed the second year of his contract and owe him $17 million no matter what.


3) Denver Broncos 

John Elway is in a permanent search for a franchise quarterback and it is a search that has lasted since, well, since Elway himself was quarterback. Drew Lock is not the answer. Wentz could be. The Broncos have created the inverse process of building a team than the Eagles. They invested heavily in the skill positions, and now need a quarterback to fill out their offense and utilize their skill players. The Eagles made a heavy investment in a quarterback but never found skill position players to surround the quarterback with.


2) Chicago Bears

Carson Wentz is not Mitchell Trubisky. Is there anything else that needs to be said?


1) Indianapolis Colts 

This has been the most obvious destination for quite some time. The connection with Frank Reich is obvious. Press Taylor is expected to be hired in Indy as well. But what’s most important is that the Colts have over $50 MILLION in cap space next year, meaning they could take on Wentz’s contract with no obstacles. They clearly have a void at QB now that Phillip Rivers retired, and they’ve really had a void at the position since Andrew Luck retired. That roster produced a playoff berth with a fading Rivers. They can plug Wentz in and keep rolling in the AFC South.

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