Oh Boy, Carson Wentz Changed Up His Instagram Bio


It’s bio watching szn. Trade rumors are flying around like crazy. Sounds like if there are any real legs here that Carson could be gone any minute now. Everyone is saying Bears for a first and some change or to the Colts for a bunch of picks. It’s insanity right now. So much so that it is starting to feel fake. Which if you are a Carson Wentz believer, that makes you happy.

But not so fast, we’ve got our first ‘bio change’ moment of this saga.

Going to go ahead and chalk up Wentz’ career as an Eagle. There is no coming back from the bio change. No player ever changes their bio to remove the team they are playing for and go on to have a happy career there. It’s over. Wentz to the Bears, he’ll go there and look great under Naggy and we’ll be stuck with Jalen Hurts who is basically just a B version of Wentz. God I hate this franchise some times.

But anyway.

Go Birds

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