Celebrities Are Back To Making Annoying Trends On TikTok

As an adult I probably shouldn’t be on TikTok. It’s not for me, I can’t dance but for Branded I am. What I discovered today was quite shocking, I’m not the only adult making dumb videos for TikTok.

We all remember when the Kardashians did this right?


I know they weren’t the inventors of this trend but they have almost 70 million views on this video, they effectively took the trend over. Now their friends are doing similar videos.


I don’t know much about Stassie other than she’s Kylies friend. That’s really all I got. This type of shit just can’t stand though. You can’t be calling people than telling them you’re busy and you’ll call back!! That’s madness! THIS IS A FUCKING SOCEITY PEOPLE, WE HAVE RULES!!!!!

I think the worst part about this is the NBA on TNT guys did it too…


Jeez Shaq has had a bad past few months. Oozing unlike-ability like you read about.

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