We Found Another NBA Burner, It Is Jeff Teagues Turn


Pretty disappointing discovery here. Much like this season so far for Jeff Teague. Now I want to be very clear, this is without question Teagues burner. There is no way around it. Let me drop some proof for the folks.

Oh Jeff what the fuck man. The Twitter in question went private for a bit but is now an open Twitter again.

We have a Twitter account created in February 2021 that is sus off rip. I mean that is the biggest red flag of them all. Demarco is this dudes MIDDLE NAME. Which is like okay okay Demarco can be a middle name, first name it is not the MOST unique name there is. The numbers is what really does it for me. Jeff Teague has been the number 0 for the longest time, on the Celtics he wears 55… 0055.

Fun fact, the Celtics are currently blowing a lead to the Kings. Demarco hasn’t tweeted in 6 hours.

Continently, Demarco has to bartend tonight and can’t tweet the game… while Jeff Teague is playing in said game…

Just to recap. We have a Jeff Teague stan, who’s Twitter name is a combo of Teagues middle name and the numbers he has used and currently uses on his jersey. Those original screenshotted tweets are now deleted. The cherry on top, Demarco0055 follows 8 people, here’s a few of them.

  1. Wake Forest Basketball, where Teague went to college
  2. A Jeff Teague fan club account
  3. Another Teague fan account
  4. The Atlanta Hawks, Teagues former team
  5. The Boston Celtics

This is 100%, no doubt, Jeff Teague. I expect this account be deleted in a few days. Jeff baby, get off Twitter. I like you man, I was excited you got signed to the Celtics but holy fuck you’ve played bad. Get your shit together, leave the tweeting to us losers.

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