The First Fan Votes For The NBA All-Star Game Are In And It’s Time To Stop Fan Voting


STOP THE COUNT!!! Seriously though, stop counting fan votes. Fans are the absolute worst people to decide who is and isn’t an all star. Every year there is something stupid that comes form fan voting. In 2010 Tracy McGrady almost got in as a starter and was averaging like 7 minutes a game at the time of All-Star break.

This year we’ve got the same thing happening.

Klay Thompson currently has almost 100K votes for the All-Star game. 10th among western guards. HE HASN’T PLAYED A MINUTE THIS YEAR!! Who is voting for him?

If you put Klay Thompson on your All-Star ballot you should be slapped in the face. Everyone loves Klay, he’s a great guy, very rootable. But he’s not playing this year. He can’t be an all-star. And I get the whole argument of ‘it’s just an exhibition game, let the fans see who they want there.’ Fine, I can get down with that. One small issue. HE CAN’T PLAY IN IT!

And if you are going to let fans continue to vote like absolute idiots then stop looking at All-Star appearances as a hall of fame stat. Either it’s an exhibition game that anyone can get vote in by fans or we stop letting fans ruin the integrity of being named an all-star.

Also, don’t get me started on Derrick Rose and Carmelo Anthony

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