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Whats up guys Big D back with another hater article.  Nope not hate just facts.  So I’ve been hearing some things this week that been really annoying me. If mahomes wins is he the GOAT? If Mahomes loses can he ever be the GOAT? Mahomes is already the GOAT! If Mahomes retires today he is the GOAT.


Slow the hell down. This kid is extremely talented no question. Anyone that denies that is a HATER. But can we let this young qb earn his stripes before promoting him to THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.  It was only till this year that most people were convinced Brady is better than Montana. You know I was one of them #NinerNation anyways back on topic.
So you think Mahomes is already better than everyone else that has come before him? Brees, Montana, Marino, Elway, Young, Aikman, both Mannings (no I do not think Eli is better), Favre and Terry Bradshaw!!! Like I said let’s relax. The majority of these qbs have won AT LEAST one ring. Why is he better than all of them already?


Before we crown the man let’s talk about why we should wait.

Mahomes is in one of if not the best offensive systems in the NFL and right now most teams are having trouble figuring it out. The motion the speed the change in formations and routes almost unmatched right now. Mahomes has a great head coach and coaching staff on both sides of the ball. Oh and did we forget to mention the most talented offense maybe ever. At least the best duo according to Nick Wright. Really?  I guess the duo of Michael Irving and Emmitt Smith were just ok. But that’s what we do in the media now. We gas up today and forget about yesterday. With that being said I do agree Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce are a great duo but do not forget about the other weapons. Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman, DeMarcus Robinson and a very good offensive line and an at worst an average RB in Edwards-Helaire. What’s the backup Rbs name again? ummm Bell Leveon Bell (007 voice). I’m not saying any QB would be successful but I am saying most would be close. For example let’s look at Alex Smith. A lot of people think Alex Smith is an average player at best. Speaking of Smith if you haven’t seen the E:60 on him do yourself a favor and watch it. Dude is a warrior!


Alex Smith’s last year with the cheifs….

Was it just a good year NOPE! Not even close. The 2017 season well It was the best year of his ENTIRE career. For those of you that follow football know Alex Smith has never really trusted his arm to take the big shots downfield so a lot of these numbers could have been higher.
Alexs stats for his 2017 season are 4042 yards, 26 tds and a QBR of 104.7. The famous and ever so popular QBR is a huge metric in today’s football. What is QB? It measures the QB effectiveness throughout the game on a play by play basis and the best score possible is 158.3 According to ESPN a QBR of 75 or higher is considered elite. Let me repaeat that A QBR OF 75 IS ELITE.
I know there was a lot of numbers but Alex finished the year with a rating of 104.1. This alone proves my point.

In NO way am I saying Alex Smith is Patrick Mahomes but I think you can see the comparison.


Last point is back to the media.  Patrick Mahomes is an easy guy to like he’s young talented got a unique voice he’s marketable (great job State Farm) and always says the right things. He does make some great plays but EVERY LITTLE thing is hyped so much you would think he turned water to wine.  There was a play this year that Fitzpatrick made and it barely made the highlights. Dolphins are losing Fitz comes in cold off the bench to replace the rookie qb and throws a game winning pass down the sideline while getting his face ripped off. Now what if that was Mahomes? Just type no look pass in Google you wouldn’t even know anyone else ever completed one. Mahomes Mahomes Mahomes. The amount of hype this dude gets in all of sports is unmatched.

Finally Mahomes will be in the discussion at the end of his career but that day is not today. Today and tomorrow and at the minimum the next 5 years the GOAT is Tom Brady.

P.s. Sorry Joe Montana it hurts to say it.

Please follow and comment. Lets debate. Appreciate all of you. Dueces

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