Sixers Are A Wagon And Joel Embiid Is The NBA MVP

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Sixers won again tonight vs the Hornets. Thanks to late free throws from Joel Embiid, if you had the Sixers -7 they covered. If you ended up getting the Sixers at -7.5 earlier in the day, LaMelo Ball owes you money.

But the real story here is that the Sixers are now 16-6 and 2.5 games above those Brooklyn Nets for the top seed in the East. They’ve won 4 straight and 7 of the last 8. Yes they’ve played a lot of bad teams but they aren’t winning those games, they are beating the brakes off of bad teams. Look at the last 3 games. Hornet, Pacers and Timberwolves. Two of those teams are currently in playoff position but none of them above the 3rd seed.


But this team is doing things they never did under Brett Brown. They are winning on the road and most importantly closing out games. Doc Rivers has taken a team with a lot of potential, to a team that is a legit contender. And they are lead by the big man who is on an MVP tear right now. His last 5 games: 35.6 ppg, 10.4 rpg, 2.6 apg and 1 bpg. He’s a monster.

So I’m ready to say that this team has officially turned a corner and is ready to contend for the East this year. Doc has provided them a vision both offensively and defensively. Joel has stepped up as the leader on this team. Tobias has finally looked like he is worth (somewhat) the contract he got. And lastly, Ben Simmons is a defensive unit and a finisher. He is doing the things that don’t show up on stat sheets at the end of games to make sure this team isn’t giving away wins.

Oh and not to mention one more thing. The Sixers are 12-0, aka undefeated when their starting lineup plays. That is all that matters. This squad stays healthy they are making a deep run. There is no way what we’ve seen so far tells us anything different. Sixers to the moon.

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